Fabric Expansion Joints

Designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes, custom fabric expansion joints from SMART-SHIELD mitigate movement and vibration damage in a diverse range industrial installations.

Custom fabric expansion joints from SMART-SHIELD are created to your specifications to help ensure optimal uptime, efficiency and durability in the application while reducing maintenance and costs. Custom fabric expansion joints from SMART-SHIELD are a key component in keeping industrial installations running optimally.

SMART-SHIELD’s flexible fabric expansion joints, also known as fan isolation joints, are a lightweight, economical option for the efficient transfer of gases up to 1000°C.  These u-belt style flexible fabric expansion joints often are used in boiler exhaust and pollution control systems. Our flexible fabric expansion joints can be designed for a wide range of temperature, moisture and pressure requirements. They are easily mounted directly to the duct flange using steel backing bars and rings

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